Save & Support: Smitten

A message to my supporters—

The morning after a personal tragedy in 2015, a tiny kitten came into my life. Smitten’s loyalty and affection healed my broken heart, and created an inseparable bond.

Our little family of 2 has grown to 5 over the years.  Punkin came along in 2016, followed by my husband Danny in 2018, and finally Turkey in 2020.

Smitten became seriously ill earlier this week, after experiencing a life-threatening blockage due to kidney disease. He’s been hospitalized since Tuesday April 9th. This involved our local vet, an emergency vet in Yorktown, to critical care in Richmond. It’s a complex case to say the least, with multiple issues and factors at play. I made the decision to transfer Smit to NC State Veterinary Hospital, and he was admitted to their ICU Friday April 12th.

Smit is receiving the top level of care from the internal medicine team at NC State. He’s experiencing acute on chronic kidney disease complications. I am dedicated to doing all we can for him, in the hopes he stabilizes enough to come home.

This prolonged hospitalization comes with a very large financial investment. In hopes of off-setting his medical costs, I am running an incredible sale in support of Smitten.

If there is a piece you were interested in, now is the best time to add it to your collection.

I’m offering 40% off sitewide on all original paintings and prints. The sale will only run through this Friday, April 19th.

Thank you for your time and continued support, of my art and of Smitten.